Hello and welcome all. Whether you’ve accessed my blog through my social media outlets, or through the workings of the internet, I welcome you all to my blog, to my website. Home to the ramblings of an old soul, blossoming within the mind of youth. This site will mainly revolve the stories that my heart is insistent on telling. We all hold creativity and the ability to create within our hearts. Some do this through drawing, others through music, or perhaps even just through their decisions and actions in day to day life. They act as if their decisions are but deliberate strokes of a brush upon a white canvas, painting it with a mirage of different shades and hues. I express this creative desire, inherent in my heart, through my writing. I am but a man, with dreams. A dreamer, a thinker. I have stories that I desire to tell, of other times and worlds. Of the beautiful mysterious of one’s own heart.

My name is Joel Huntington-Brown. I am an undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Science at University. I am passionate about all forms of learning. I love to expand my vision, wisdom and knowledge at every opportunity and I am amazed by the intricate workings of all that is seen throughout this beautiful world that we live in, in both the order and the chaos. I am also a freelance writer for hire, should my work be appreciated (I specialize in proofreading, editing, article writing, narrative writing, but predominately creative/imaginative writing). For many years, I have walked a spiritual path, one that only opened my mind not only to the beauty of this world, but all others. But now, I want to walk a different path. I have gained many skills, great wisdom and knowledge from that path that I shall utilise whenever I deem necessary/worth doing so. I want to walk the path of expression, of storytelling almost. Because as I said, I have a few stories that I want to tell and instill upon others. It might seem arrogant and rich coming from a person as young as I am, but I ask you not to underestimate me. I can indeed be arrogant at times, without meaning to. But read my work, and judge for yourself. Am I but an arrogant young man? Or a man, with an older soul, of whom wishes to make a difference? I hope that you enjoy your stay on my site.