Happiness & Peace, Fear & Obstacles! (1/2)


As individuals we all have a drive, a desire, a goal in mind. What drives you? Is it the love for your family/loved ones? Is it for self-gain? To become something that you deem to be great? To gain wealth or fame? Is it to make a difference to others? To show compassion and bring out the ‘goodness’ within others? (I will always put quotation marks on subjective terms such as good and bad). So many people always look for some kind of magical key to solve all of their problems. Some kind of easy, magical way to achieve all that they desire. I’ve certainly been guilty of this many times myself. Whether it be for losing/gaining weight, or for improving relations or achieving a dream of yours etc.

One thing, that many people fail to realise is that you hold all of these keys within you. So many look outside of themselves, failing to realise that all that they could ever need is already within themselves. You already hold all of the keys to the locked doors (obstacles) within your life. The only person that is standing in the way of your dreams and aspirations is your own self. The only other thing in the way of your aspirations is your own mind. You must believe that you achieve it, or else you will never do so. I’ve mentioned this before, but is everyone familiar with the phrase that goes along the lines of; ‘We all create our own destinies/we all create our own universes’. This is very true. Sure, some people may have been dealt a very bad initial hand for life. Starting off under cruel circumstances, but even they can turn around their lives, and shape them to suit their desires. There have been so many stories of particular famous individuals doing just that (to give an example)!

So stop looking outside of yourself, as you’re merely pushing your dreams back further. Have faith, have hope, have optimism! Believe in yourself. This quote is quite well known, and it reveals a lot about ourselves:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

I find this quote to be very true. We will say to ourselves, who am I to be intelligent, or beautiful or valued? Our fears, and doubts are but binds, but fetters that hold us back from doing what we truly desire within our hearts! To be free. To be truly free, you must conquer your mind. Your thoughts, your doubts and fears. Only then, can someone be truly free. Free to create and shape this world as they wish! Free to become whatever they desire! Our minds are our greatest tool. We all have infinite potential. It is our doubts and fears that limit this potential, making it finite.

Now it certainly isn’t easy to conquer our minds. Many of us struggle with it on a daily basis. Struggling with our ‘inner demons’ as people tend to call it. It is hard and difficult. Nothing in this world is easy to do. If everything was easy to do, it would be a very boring world indeed and there would be no point to anything! But you can do it! You will do it! You have to start ingraining that mentality! You will do it! Not you can’t or wont! You can and will!


You must learn to love yourself. To have self-love and worth. You are beautiful and amazing both within and without. Don’t ever allow anyone else to tell you anything different. This is your life, your journey. It isn’t about the destination, its about the journey. The struggles and obstacles that you face. The connections and memories that you make with others. This world is yours for the taking. Don’t allow your dreams to remain dreams, figments of your mind. Instead, bring them to light! Bring them to the playing board, manifest your dreams in all that you do! You want to make a difference then do it. A lot of people struggle with the whole; ‘Okay I want to make a difference or I want to do this, but how do I go about it?’. Then they get stuck and that motivation/desire slips away beneath the surface. This life is precious, you never know when you might not wake up the next morning or the life of someone close to you slips away. There is no time to waste! Spend every moment doing what you love. Sure, we all have unpleasant things that we must do in this life. But, you can find happiness in all that you see. You can manifest your desires. The only thing stopping you, is well you.

How do you get started, how do you make a difference? Find what you love, and chase after it as if its the only thing keeping you alive. There is no easy answer here. But you already know what you need to do. You already know what you desire, and the path to get there. Even if it isn’t apparent to your conscious self. We hold all the keys within. Follow your heart, trust your instincts and you will be lead to the right place, of which is right for you.

Many people also focus on others, and aspire to become them. Its always great to have a role model! But this is your story, your legacy! This is your book, your novel! Only you can tell it! You can’t hijack someone else’s story. Why don’t you focus on your own, and create the greatest legacy for yourself that you possibly can? So that when you move on, you will be content with what you have achieved in this life.

I’ll be ending this here for now, stay tuned for the next part!


Energy System (ES)


This should fill in the final gap for the basics of the spiritual-related topics that I’ve talked about previously. At the bottom of this page, I’ll be listing spiritual-based topics that you can vote for (to decide which topic I write about next). Just comment on this post voting for the topic that you would like to see next! This will almost definitely be a long post so be prepared. I’ll be covering the basics of a person’s ES (including chakras, pathways, energies, etc).

What is an ES (Energy System)?
A person’s energy system refers to their energetic/spiritual body (so to speak) that is contained within their physical vessel or being. It is made up of multiple parts. We have the seven main chakras (as well as hundreds of minor chakras), nadis (pathways), energy stores, the soul’s core/centre and so on.

What are Chakras?
Chakras serve as the energetic body’s centres that energy flows through. They filter and regulate all the energy that flows throughout a person’s ES. Each chakra is associated with a particular part of a person’s well-being/state of being. It is important to realise that like the holy trinity for Christianity, (using it as an example) the levels of spiritual, mental and physical are all inherently linked. When there is an issue perhaps on the spiritual level it can and will affect a person’s mindset and/or their physical body too in perhaps the form of an illness/disorder or injury of some kind. That is why it is important to train all three aspects of one’s self in unison to promote a healthy balance.

There are various resources that promote/talk about the removal of chakras. I’ll explain why that’s not a good idea, and why it will not work. Chakras do indeed limit, filter and regulate your energies. They do it for very good reasons. If you attempt to remove your chakras, then they will merely regenerate automatically with time. I used to believe in the removal of chakras until I realised their overall importance. You can rip them out, burn them out, it doesn’t matter. They will always regenerate. Sure, you could bar them from returning through binding etc. But they will find a way. It is like nature. Nature will always find a way so to speak. It is natural and a natural part of your ES. Do not remove your chakras.

There are several main chakra’s in specific locations throughout your body. In the image attached to this post you will see the colours associated with each chakra and their location on the physical body/ES. There are also various other minor chakras scattered. They are in locations such as the palms of one’s hands, fingertips, and just generally scattered everywhere. They are generally ignored and not paid much attention. Typically if your main chakras are in good condition then the rest of your chakras should follow suit unless you have energetic blocks. Energetic blocks or seals refer to blockages in one’s ES that limit the amount of energy flow in that particular area.

Chakra Health:
If a chakra is unbalanced or not properly aligned (aligned with the other chakras in its rotation), or damaged/blocked it can result in a poorer state of mental and physical health. It can also prevent one from having a smooth flow of energy. Spiritual development is typically connected to the seven main chakras as well as to one’s ES’ health. A strong sense of spiritual health allows one to practice EM to their fullest potential, and to promote the development of various spiritual abilities.

We’ll start with the Crown Chakra. This is typically located slightly above the head or on top of the head. I disagree with the image attached to this post. It’s typically seen as a pure white. Your crown chakra serves as the connection to the higher self, or true self. Its your connection to spirituality and all that exists around you and within you.

The Third Eye Chakra is located between the brows. It is the seat of psychic ability and is associated with various psychic abilities or gifts such as clairvoyance, being an empath etc. If you wish to promote or strengthen your abilities, this is an important chakra. It is associated with spiritual awakening and your soul’s truth or wisdom. Its typically perceived as a bright purple or violet.

The Throat Chakra is associated with one’s expression and creativity. As the name suggests it is located in roughly the middle of the throat. This chakra is seen as a strong light or medium blue.

The Heart Chakra is located in the middle of one’s chest. It is associated with a person’s love and heart basically. I can’t describe it in any other way. It is linked to one’s self-worth/love and love for others. It is always seen as a bright, vibrant green.

The Solar Plexus (Stomach) Chakra is located of course around the abdominal region. It is associated with a person’s will, their drive, their self-confidence and self-esteem. It is seen as a strong yellow.

The Sacral Chakra is located at the waist. It is associated with one’s sexuality and sensuality. It is perceived as a vibrant orange.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with one’s primal desires or functions. Your sense of materialistic beliefs, comforts, shelter, etc. If you are observant you would have noticed that the higher (crown/third eye) chakras are associated with the energetic/spiritual more so and as we gradually move down, all the way to the root chakra, it becomes more inclined towards the physical plane. The root chakra is seen as a strong red.

Throughout the day, we tend to pick up various residual energies floating around the environment or the energies of others we come across. These can begin to build in our ES, and become stagnant, eventually becoming blockages. It is critical to cleanse your ES daily, to clear away all residual and stagnant energies, particularly from your chakras. Your chakras rotate clockwise (facing the energetic body from above/bird eye’s view). If they are out of alignment it means that one or more chakras are rotating out of sync with the others. It is critical that you correct this through visualisations/will to return the chakras to their natural alignment.

Nadis are another name for your energetic pathways. These pathways are essentially like arteries and veins that carry energy around one’s ES. These can also experience blockages as well that disrupt and limit energy flow. It is crucial to cleanse your nadis as well in order to maintain a healthy ES.

Energy Stores:
There are certain locations in the ES where the majority of one’s energy will be stored for later use. These include the following; the stomach area (near the solar plexus chakra), the upper chest (where the soul’s centre is located) as well as around the third eye chakra (brows/forehead). These are great locations to pull energy from if needed.

A Soul’s Core/Centre:
Located in the middle of the chest. This is the location of the souls’ heart so to speak. If a soul’s centre is destroyed, then the soul dies. People will argue and say the soul is immortal. In fact, no beings are immortal. When a soul dies, its individual spark, as in what differentiates me from you will disappear and the soul will be ‘recycled’ into something else. It’ll rejoin the stream, the source, the divine essence, whatever name you have for it and be recycled into some other facet or form. In that sense, it is immortal. Now, human souls will have what is called a centre. It differs from a non-human’s soul which has a core. A centre is a small orb of sorts, whilst a core is crystalline and is vastly difference in form and shape, albeit being harder to describe. There are also differences in what a human’s centre contains within it, compared to that of a non-human’s core.

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Energetic (Spiritual) Affinities


What are spiritual/energetic affinities?
Affinities are essentially the elemental forms that a person’s spiritual energies can take. If a person has a fire affinity, it refers to the fact that their spiritual energies are inclined towards fire, having its characteristics (they vary per element). A soul could have multiple affinities or just one. These affinities appear/come to light when the soul is born, not when the person incarnates or due to an incarnation (unless they integrated an affinity manually). Many beings have what are known as racial affinities, which basically refers to affinities that their entire soul race is predisposed to. I’ll give a really obvious example. An angel’s racial affinity is light, all angels will have light but their other affinities may differ per individual angel. One individual could have light with water and earth, and the other could have just light and nothing else. It depends solely on the individual soul/being. These affinities have absolutely nothing to do with astrology. The zodiac signs are grouped into the four classic elements (earth, fire, water and air). I.e. Just because you’re a leo, which is classed as a fire sign, doesn’t mean that you’ll have a fire affinity. Astrology has virtually nothing to do with spiritual affinities.

How are the affinities grouped?
First we have the classics, or classical affinities. These are the main four; earth, water, air and fire. Then we have the non-classics or non-classical affinities. These are things such as; lightning, chaos, death, life (aether), darkness, light, time, and the list continues. All of these affinities are their own respective elements that exist in the etheric (spiritual plane)/everywhere really. Today I’ll mainly be focusing on the classics to keep it short and basic.

So I have a water affinity. What does this mean? Your energies resemble the elemental energies of water. All affinities have their own particular flavour or strain of the same elements. These strains tend to vary in characteristics. I.e. Some light affinities may be more fiery-inclined whilst others are plainer and lack that fiery aspect. These strains typically come from the elements progenitor, I.e. the Primordials. Primordials refer to beings that are the direct embodiment of the element itself. Most people should be familiar with Gaia, the embodiment of Earth. Her strain of earth and the beings that have her particular strain of earth would be different to lets say another earth primordial’s strain.

Now just because you do not have an affinity of lets say air, that doesn’t mean that you cannot use it. It just means that you won’t be able to utilise it as effectively as a being that  has air as one of their affinities. However, most beings are able to utilise any of the four classical elements to quite high degrees. But when it comes to the non-classicals, it becomes trickier. You certainly won’t be able to manipulate lets say darkness to an extent higher than a dark being unless you are very skilled. Although it always depends on the two beings at hand and factors associated with said.

How can I receive an affinity that I do not currently have?
There are two ways that you can gain an affinity so to speak. 1. A being that already has it, gifts it to you, or bestows it upon you. 2. If you’re skilled and knowledgeable enough to integrate an elemental affinity that exists out of your ES, into your ES (exercise caution here).

(The listing of elemental affinities is done in no particular order)
Water is a natural healer and is somewhat linked to emotions. Water is very easily form-able and flexible in form. It is certainly not to be underestimated. Imagine the weight and the force of a gigantic wave bearing down onto you. The typical colour of water is varying shades of blue(s) but it depends on the other affinities within your Energy System (ES). As it can combine/mix with those. It can be dense, but free-flowing at the same time. It is very dynamic. If the user is smart, water can be a dangerous adversary to deal with.

Air is not commonly known for its raw strength. It is very maneuverable and flexible in EM. All the elements require strategy and tactics to pull them off to their highest potential, and I would say the same about air. Air typically comes in shades of white/yellow, although it can of course be other colours as well. It tends to be quite light in weight (obviously). Some careful thinking could really put you in the lead in energetic/spiritual combat. If the user is skilled enough, they could change the air to become razor-sharp so to speak. Giving it that ability for raw damage at the slightest touch.

I know the way in which I describe elements almost makes it sound like anime/like a cartoon in the manner of fighting I’m talking about. In a future blog I will perhaps touch on etheric (spiritual plane) warfare and energetic warfare. It seems very unbelievable, I know. But the thing you have to understand is that the spiritual plane does not only layer on top of the physical plane, but it stretches much further than that. Having its own worlds, ‘realms’ and so on. It has its own civilisations, and various locations. It is like a mirror image of the physical except incredibly larger and based around energy/more in touch with energy. In the spiritual plane, beings (spirits/souls) can fight in a way that is much similar to the physical. They can fight with various weapons, guns, swords, basically the same here depending on the technology said being has access to. They also fight through energetic combat. It is incredibly diverse and something truly to behold. If anyone is truly that interested I’ll make a post on it all.

Earth is a brilliant healer. It has amazing defensive capabilities but is also quite strong offensively. It is typically aligned with the colours of green/brown and all the shades in between these. It is quite heavy and dense as well.

I have a love for fire personally. But I also have a great love for all the other elements. The user is constantly generating the force/heat of the flame itself. It is typically aligned with any colours red, yellow or orange. It can also be various other colours such as blue, green or white could suggest it is leaning/inclined towards a darkness or light (or another affinity). Fire is of course very hot, and the intensity depends on the user. It burns just as well as it heals (think cauterizing). It is a brilliant purifier.

Now unlike games where there are elements that trump other elements; I.e. Water trumps fire. It doesn’t work like that in regards to the spiritual elements. Fire could easily cause the water to evaporate/dissipate due to the force/intensity of the heat/flame. In an energetic spar (where two practitioners fight against one another, waging warfare on the other’s ES) the two affinities could simply collide, and the strongest opponent would most likely win (depends on their skill/knowledge as well of course). It ultimately just depends on the individual user and their abilities.

How can I discover my own energetic affinities?
There are various ways in which you can find your own affinities. The first, (after you’ve attempted some kind of self-discovery) would be to ask a proficient ‘scanner’ to perform an ES scan and determine your affinities. A scanner refers to an individual that is able to link to your ES/Soul and determine your affinities through their abilities and spiritual senses. They will look within your energetic body at your energies and determine what affinities your energies are inclined towards (check out some spiritual OEC’s to find some) (Online Energy Communities). However, I recommend attempting to discover your affinities by yourself first. This can be done through your own scanning, by linking energetically to yourself or by ‘peering within’ your ES to observe your own energies. Do they have any particular colour(s)? Any particular characteristics? Are they constricted? What is the texture/consistency like? Do you get any specific emotions or feelings from them? The trick is to ask a million questions, to observe as much as possible, down to even the tiniest detail in order to gain a great understanding of your own affinities.

Wisdom vs Knowledge?


Most of us would think that we have a pretty good understanding of what both wisdom and knowledge mean. Some might argue that they’re the same, or different entirely. Or that they both share some similarities and differences. That begs the questions of, what truly is knowledge? What truly is wisdom?

The general definition of knowledge is:

Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical practical understanding of a subject.”

The general definition of wisdom is:

The quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement; the quality of being wise.”

Today, I’ll be answering both.
Knowledge is knowing. It differs from wisdom which is understanding. Sure, I might know how the energy manipulation works, I might have been studying it for years. But do I truly understand how it works? What’s involved? One can only truly understand something, when they become it. The spiritual elements have consciousness, a voice, a will, as we all do. All that exists has a will, whether apparent or not. If you work with an element, lets say you have a fire affinity. Fire is a beloved element of mine. Very interesting one too with how it all works. If you commune with fire, work with fire spiritually, and work to become it, only then will you truly have wisdom of fire. Only then will you have gained understanding. Much can be achieved through understanding. One may know, but they’ll never reach the depths of understanding and the potential strength that comes with it.

To further elaborate this, I’ll be examining the fire affinity (spiritual energy) in a knowing standpoint compared to an understanding standpoint.

Fire typically is associated with the colours of red, orange, yellow, occasionally it can be a differing colour such as green, purple or blue, usually if it has combined with another affinity such as earth, darkness or light. It is of course brilliant offensively, but is great at healing too. Think cauterizing. It tends to be warm/hot, the intensity of the flame and heat is generated from the user (person with the affinity). It works great with light. Light can also have a fiery aspect to it.Fire is similar to light in the way that it is great at cleansing stagnant/residual/harmful energies and spiritual purification of all kinds.

Fire is will. Will is fire. They are one in the same. The stronger the will of the user, the greater the strength and force of the flame. If you wish to strengthen your fire affinity, strengthen your will. Harden it, make it stronger. As the will begins to fade, then so does the flame. When the will is extinguished, so is the flame.

Do you see the difference? With that understanding, that act of becoming one, the person can achieve entirely new heights and levels! I don’t want to give away too much and spoon-feed people spiritual wisdom so I probably won’t delve this deep again in relation to affinities/energies. It is not good enough to only know, gain understanding, become one, and you will see an entire new world!



In my previous blog series about mental health, I mentioned that I am an empath. Today, I’ll be discussing what an empath actually is, and all that’s involved.
What is an Empath?
An empath is essentially a person that is able to feel the emotions of those around them as if those emotions were their very own. Let’s put this into an example that I’m sure many people have experienced once or twice. You’re sitting with a friend of yours, and they are very depressed and upset. After you stop being around them, you find yourself feeling very depressed as well. Empaths feel this, but 10x stronger. Being an empath is typically classed as having a psychic gift or ability. But there is far more to being an empath!

This is where it gets more complicated. Empaths tend to become quickly overwhelmed in large social situations, such as in busy places where there are large groups of people around. Unless they are skilled enough/have set up energy-based defences to filter the emotions of those around them or to block them out entirely (I don’t recommend the latter). To feel is such a powerful and beautiful thing. But it can certainly get immensely stressful at times. I used to get swiftly overwhelmed in my earlier days. Additionally, empaths can easily become a dumping ground for other people’s emotions. These energies can then build up, becoming stagnant, forming energetic blocks that can interfere with a person’s emotional/mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Empaths also form powerful emotional connections to people around them. I’ve had strangers I’ve known for literally five minutes confess their greatest and darkest woes to me, as they feel that they can trust me ~ and they certainly can! Empaths tend to have a knack for spotting narcissistic and emotionally manipulative people, with a general dislike of them. We can see their games, their tricks and deceptions and it tends to put us off. Empaths have a great ability for seeing through lies. I would say that we can see through lies 95% of the time (to be humble). Although it also depends on the individual empath at hand and their skill level. There is very little that can be concealed from an empath. They are truly powerful characters in their own regard. I personally love being an empath. The things I can feel, are beyond words. It can be both a curse and a blessing at times though of course when things break down, but that’s the way of the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Empaths can even pick up physical illnesses! I.e. If a person is sick and an empath has been talking to them perhaps through Facebook, the empath could become sick due to their abilities. Despite not even being around the person physically! Another thing to mention is that empaths can experience a great deal of fatigue, especially the greater the exposure to people they experience. Empaths generally require a lot of solitude in order to recharge their batteries.

Now for the powerful, disciplined empaths. Here’s an example of what they can do…

They can transmute negative emotions in a particular radius into more positive emotions, thus affecting the general mood of people in that area. I.e. Sorrow/depression into joy and happiness/love. They can easily direct this onto particular people. I’ve personally done this in the past, changing the emotions of my friends who were feeling low into more positive emotions to brighten them up a bit more.

The opposite can also be done (conversion of positive into negative emotions) if an empath so desires.

If am empath is smart, they could easily use their abilities to manipulate the thoughts, emotions and mindsets of those around them. Although I’m not necessarily condoning any such thing, they could easily become the wolf hidden amongst the sheep so to speak.

If you’re an empath, leave me a comment down below! Why don’t you tell me about some of your experiences, or if you’d like to add anything to my post ~ let me know! If you’re a struggling empath I could also give you some coping strategies to help you!

Depression, Anxiety & Mental Health (2/2)


Welcome back. If you haven’t read the first part of this blog series, I recommend doing so. Let’s begin with suicide. Suicide is but a permanent solution to a temporary problem. What causes suicide? I believe that its a mixture of various things, hopelessness or rather learned helplessness being one of them. What is learned helplessness? Its a psychology-based term. It refers to the following;

A condition in which a person suffers from a sense of powerlessness, arising from a traumatic event or persistent failure to succeed.”

Let’s create a real-life scenario to further elaborate. In 1965, Martin Seligman and his team were doing research on classical conditioning (the process in which a human or animal learns to associate one thing with another). I.e. The ringing of a bell alerts the animals that food is being served. In the case of Martin’s experiment, he would ring a bell and then subject the dogs to a light electrical shock. After a certain number of times, the dogs would react as if they were being shocked as soon as they heard the bell, despite the shock not actually being present. However, something unexpected happened.

Martin placed each dog in a large crate with a small wooden fence that separated both sides. The dogs could easily jump over the fence if necessary. The floor on one side of the wall was electrified and the other side wasn’t. As Martin placed the dog onto the electrified side, he expected it to jump over to the safety of the other side. But it didn’t. Instead the dogs would lay down, as they had learnt that they couldn’t escape the electric shock from the first experiment. Its quite sad isn’t it?

Now I can’t speak for everyone that has gone through attempted suicides or suicidal thoughts. But from what I’ve experienced myself and from the views of others, it could be related to learned helplessness. Suicide normally comes to those that have given up, to those that believe that nothing can improve or better their current situation. That no one cares about them, that they’re alone etc. This links in with the other points I raised in part (1/2). You’re never truly alone. People do care. I’m sure that many people would be very sad to see anyone leave this beautiful world. You might disagree with me there, saying that this world isn’t beautiful. Yes, it is a cruel world. There are many terrible things, but there is also great beauty too. Particularly the beauty contained within the hearts and minds of those around us.

Suicide is but a permanent solution to a temporary problem. There is always an answer, even if it is difficult to see. Never give up, I for instance will always be the lantern, to guide you through the tempests that ensue. There are many other people who have similar thoughts and views to mine. People that are compassionate, that take great joy in seeing you happy, and doing well in life. Things always do get better with time and effort.

There are various sites online that provide counselling services. Today, I’ll be talking about one that I have used personally as a person seeking support and as a person providing help to others. That website is known as 7Cups, or 7 Cups of Tea. https://www.7cups.com/

It is a great website where anyone can become what is called a listener (both teenagers and adults can apply). As a listener, you’ll be trained through a short, simplistic course. You’ll provide a listening ear and emotional support to any members that you chose to help. There are various topics that you can choose to specialize into, perhaps related to what you’ve personally faced. These include; depression, anxiety, LGBT+, bullying, family stress, grief, loneliness, managing emotions, relationship stress, self-harm, social anxiety and the list continues. If you’re ever in need of someone, someone anoymous, and would like to talk confidentially, be sure to sign up as a member! The community is great, very welcoming and compassionate!

After experiencing some relationship issues in the past, I signed up as a member for 7cups. After some time, I wanted to take action, to help others as I have been doing for a decent period of time. Thus, I signed up. I talked to plenty of people, and I derived such great happiness from helping and supporting others. If you’re a compassionate/loving person. I really encourage you to stand up and become a listener. You may not think you’re able to, that you can’t counsel people well etc. But you’re taught various things, what not to say, what to say, and so on. People really just want someone to be there for them. It brings a lot of comfort for a person to know that someone cares for them, and will be there for them regardless of what they face.

If you experience panic attacks/any form of anxiety, I’ll be listing some great breathing techniques and exercises that can really help you with various things! Even if you’re stressed, or having trouble managing your emotions, you can glean much from it as well.

I’m sure that I’ll have plenty more to add to the subject of mental health, depression and anxiety, but that’ll come later. If you’re ever struggling, feel free to message me as well! I’m always here as well, as a completely confidential supporter! Even if you’d just like some advice as you feel stuck.

Breathing Techniques/Meditation:
Both breathing techniques and meditation are wonderful. There are so many health benefits on all three levels; Mental, Emotional and Physical. They can help with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and so on. Just look up all the health benefits and I’m sure you’ll be amazed. I have always prescribed meditation and breathing techniques to those that come to me as they can really help.

Breathing Techniques:
The key to breathing techniques is to focus on the count of the breath within your mind, or the rise and the fall of your stomach as you inhale/exhale.

The Four Fold Breath:
Inhale for four counts, hold the breath for four counts, and then exhale for four counts. Hold that for four counts, before inhaling. If you find that thoughts plague you, acknowledge those thoughts before gently returning your focus to the count or the rise and the fall of your stomach.

The Simple Count Breath:
Inhale through your nose, and then exhale through your mouth. That’s classed as one breath. Continue doing this until you feel relaxed/for as long as you want, or maybe 25 or 50 counts.

Meditation is really just about relaxing your mind and body. Clearing your mind of clutter, useless or irrational thoughts and so on. For Meditation you may sit, stand or even lay down (although you may be prone to falling asleep is you lay down). If you’re sitting, good posture is always good. You may close your eyes (that’s typically the best) but you may keep them open if you feel more comfortable doing that. It also helps to combine your meditation with breathing techniques and visualizations in order to relax and push thoughts out of your mind. If your body is tense, you can always do the following. Start at your feet. Tense them for 5 seconds, then relax. Tense them again before relaxing. Do this until you have worked through all your muscles and until your body is relaxed. Utilize breathing techniques to relax your body and mind.

If thoughts still plague you even with breathing techniques, do not be discouraged. You can try visualizations. You can find loads on the internet and customize it to suit you. You could visualize a blackhole sucking in all of your thoughts, before disappearing, leaving your mind empty. You could visualize a large fire starting, burning away all your thoughts, or water washing them away with a current. It’s all up to you.

Depression, Anxiety & Mental Health (1/2)


In my biographies, I’ve typically said that I specialize in Technology, Gaming and Spirituality-based things. That’s not quite true. My passions are diverse and numerous. I thought that in this blog I would discuss my personal experiences with depression, anxiety and various other ‘mental-disorders’ both direct and indirect. I have a great passion for helping and being there for those around me. A phrase that I have used in the past is; ‘I will be your shoulder to cry on, the hands to wipe away your tears, an arm to support and lift you higher, and an ear to listen’. For those that are spiritual-minded, I am an empath. What is an empath? I’m sure Google will aid you here, but if you’re interested you can always check out my post on the subject.

Throughout my life, I have always pushed myself to be there for others, usually placing myself in situations where I give all of myself, to receive little or nothing in return. By helping others, (regardless of in what manner I help) I also help myself and thus grow as an individual. As an empath, I’ve typically become a dumping ground for other’s emotions, worries and problems many times. What I mean by this, is that I would be there for that particular person, support them through their difficulties, only to be swiftly forgotten. They would forget me and all the time and soul that I had invested into them. I would be lying if I said this hasn’t irked me. It certainly did in the past. I wasn’t ever supporting others for anything in return, but a little friendship or acknowledgement does go quite a way. But over the years, I’ve learnt and grown quite a lot. It doesn’t bother me anymore. As I can see through people, I can see the people that truly need that helping hand and those that don’t.

Throughout my high school years in particular, I’ve helped many of my friends through things such as depression, anxiety (panic attacks) and suicide/suicidal thoughts. I would be lying if I said that I haven’t experienced suicidal thoughts myself. I’m sure that we all do at one point in our lives. We are all just human after all. We all face hardships, we all face situations that break us down, causing us to linger in our despair, struggling to move forward. But life was never meant to be easy. Life isn’t handed to you on a silver platter, no you must fight for it, and continue to fight for it throughout your life. The more you fight, the more you survive, the stronger you become! One thing to remember is that we are never truly alone. Sure, it may seem like it at times. But we are all cared for, even by the most unlikely people. Perhaps it is that gorgeous girl that you wave to and smile at every day as you pass her in the corridor. Maybe she looks forward to seeing you everyday, as you never cease to cheer her up with your infectious smile. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt, its that small gestures of kindness go such a long way.

A simple smile, or hello, or gesture of kindness can brighten a person’s whole life, regardless of the difficulties that they are facing at the time. We all go through various things, some people may not understand our pains as they have experienced different pains, but many do. Many have gone through exactly what we have been through (or similar things). Never think that although people may not broadcast their pains and woes on social media or out to the world, that they aren’t suffering in their own way. I’m one of those people, I rarely broadcast my pains to others. Its not an act of being strong or acting tough, as the strongest thing that one can do is open themselves up to another. No its certainly not that, I was just always taught not to talk about my ‘dirty laundry’ so to speak. To broadcast all my problems on social media outlets etc. There’s nothing wrong with that though. Its always reassuring to know that there are those out there, actively commenting on our status’, reminding us of how they are here for us.

So there I was, supporting my friends and those that I have not known for long through their hardships. Now remember this. This phrase is always spoken of, but never explained; ‘There is always light after the storm’. When you are within the eye of the tempest, it is always hard to see that light, to see that hope, that coming positive. I know this to be true, through my esoteric wisdom and through my life experiences. Things will always get better with time, and with effort. You can’t sit there, expecting things to get better if you will not put the effort in to make them better. This connects to my point about how life isn’t handed to us on a silver platter. Have faith, have hope, have optimism and work. Work hard, there is always a solution to every problem, or something that one can change to make things better!

I’ll be ending this blog here as I don’t want to create long blogs. I’ll be continuing this in part (2/2).